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The word is out!

  04/24/06 19:36, by jsignal, Categories: life with god
I have big news. If you've been reading this, you may have had hints of what's been going on. But I have been rather quiet about what's really been happening. But today, the word is spreading quickly. My "secret" is out. On April 12th, I was… more »

17 on 17, 1 year as a Catholic

  04/17/06 23:51, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
Today is my one-year anniversary as a Catholic. Things have changed quite a bit in the last year, as many of you know. For one, I began listening to podcasts. One of them is by a priest in the Netherlands, Fr. Roderick. He mentioned the idea of… more »

My Weekday Life

  04/15/06 10:06, by jsignal, Categories: life in a cube
  I discovered something surprising about CompactFlash memory cards. They can survive the washing machine AND the dryer. While folding clothes this morning, I found one of my expensive memory cards in with the socks, fresh from the dryer. I… more »

The Agony

  04/13/06 23:24, by jsignal, Categories: life with god
Today is Holy Thursday. We remember Jesus' Agony and the Last Supper. Tomorrow, we remember his Crucifixion. Christ knew the will of His Father, yet he was troubled at what must be done. Alone, he suffered greatly with the knowledge of his… more »
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