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2006, Year in Review

  01/16/07 21:19, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
The year 2006 was an absolutely amazing year. So much has changed in my life that it's hard to believe there were only 365 days in the year. I began the year as a Unix Systems Admin for Basin Electric Power Cooperative and ended it as a seminarian… more »

More pro-life than I thought

  01/13/07 20:11, by jsignal, Categories: life with god
Most of my class, including myself, went to the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois. We stood on the sidewalk to pray for the mothers, fathers, and aborted children. At this clinic they perform late-term abortions. As we stood there,… more »
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Christmas Break is Broke

  01/12/07 15:37, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
I'm settling back into my desk chair at the seminary. It's good to have my own computer back and to not be living out of a suitcase. After all, it has been a month. As you can read in my previous entries, I drove home to North Dakota for the first… more »

Reflections on a Semester of Philosophy

  01/02/07 18:43, by jsignal, Categories: life with god
In C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce, the main character takes a rather unusual bus ride. He begins his journey in Hell, which is depicted as an infinite, dull place full of people quarreling with one another. He boards this unusual bus and arrives in… more »


  01/02/07 18:42, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
We recently had some snow here in North Dakota. It was the biggest single dump of snow since 1999. When I arrived here a few weeks ago, there was nothing on the ground. Now, it looks like it's supposed to in December: more »
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