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Camping in Autumn

  10/20/09 11:02, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
It is now the end of our fall break here at the seminary. Last week some of the guys suggested we go camping. I thought, "you're insane," because it gets quite cold at night and it had been raining or gloomy for a full week. But, I thought, it might… more »

An interesting night.

  10/14/09 05:57, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
Last night the cooks here at Kenrick, who are very good by the way, cooked up some beef tips and pasta. This is a tasty dish, but it is commonly known as ?bazooka beef? for its various gastrointestinal after effects. It?s a mystery to us why they keep… more »

A Day in the Life ... then and now.

  10/07/09 14:14, by jsignal, Categories: life in a cube, life with god
Today while I was tinkering with my Microsoft Outlook calendar, I stumbled upon a few days in 2004 when I recorded everything I did during the day in my calendar. Normally, I didn't record everything and my calendar was usually empty aside from one or… more »
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Pedaling across yet MORE of Texas

  10/02/09 16:21, by jsignal, Categories: life on two wheels
I haven't even found the time to publish all the great photos, videos, and travel logs from my last bike trip down south, but I've already booked the next trip! Jesse and I will be continuing our trek from California to Florida from December 12th-20th.… more »
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