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Slideshow: Five Years in Seminary

  03/29/11 22:04, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
With only 45 days left here at Kenrick Seminary in Saint Louis, I must admit that "deacon-itis" (a seminary version of the dreaded disease known as "senioritis" in high schools and colleges) has started to set in. I can also tell that my classmates are… more »
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Spring in St. Louis

  03/23/11 20:13, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
Spring has arrived in Saint Louis. The daffodils appeared back in February, but are all in bloom now. And the flowering trees, one of which is seen here, are really taking off. I went out and took snapshots of this huge, magnificent magnolia tree (at… more »

Spring Break Snapshots

  03/23/11 19:45, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
A while back four of us (Deacons Kevin Vogel, James Weeder, and Marco DeLoera) stayed at a lake cabin / hunting lodge for the weekend as part of our "spring break." We hiked, kayaked, went out on the water, and watched a lot of episodes of "24."… more »
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Nifty word clouds

  03/05/11 13:39, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble
Today, while wasting time on the Internet when I should have been working, I came across a nifty "toy" that creates "word clouds" from whatever text you give it. For example, below is a word cloud of my graduate thesis. The bigger words are the ones… more »
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