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A Video: Test of Fire

  05/14/12 10:55, by jsignal, Categories: life with god

This is a good video, so I thought I would share it. Unless you're living under a rock (and even then, most likely) you realize we're in an election year. It's our duty as citizens and as Christians to vote according to what we know to be the tried and true values put forth by our Christian faith. Our culture suggests that when we stand up for marriage as defined by God (between one man and one woman until death) or for the sanctity of life (opposition to abortion, contraception, and euthanasia) we are seeking to stifle the freedom of those suffering from same sex attraction or of women.

Nothing is farther from the truth. In respecting life, marriage, and religious freedom we are caring deeply for all people and their freedoms to do the good. True, holy, deep joy and happiness are not to be found in entertaining every sinful desire that wells up within us. We do not have to be slaves to things like homosexual desires or selfishness which leads to things such as abortion or the use of contraception. Letting these rule our lives never leads to true happiness. They are not healthy for those involved, for their families, or for society as a whole.

God's plan for marriage, freedom, and life is right and best. When we examine God's plan with logic and reason unclouded by prejudice, it makes sense. Let's vote to protect our freedom to live according to this plan. It's the holy and patriotic thing to do.

God Bless,
Fr. Jason

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