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  12/21/06 16:06, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble

Well, I did it. By God's grace I survived my first semester as a seminarian.

Since I last updated, I endured a 16 hour long drive from Saint Louis, MO, to Mandan, ND. Fellow seminarian Jim Arlien and I car pooled north after my last test on Tuesday. We headed westward to Kansas City with a slight accidental detour along some beautiful Missouri countryside. Then northward along I-29 to Omaha, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, and Ashley, ND, where I dropped Jim at the home of his parents. I continued on to Christ the King Parish in Mandan, where I'm staying for a day or two before heading to my parents' home in Bottineau for Christmas. I'm tired of driving, but happy to be home.

Merry Christmas!


Comment from: Melanie [Visitor]  

Welcome home!!! When are both you and Ira going to be around the area?

12/22/06 @ 22:35
Comment from: Cat [Member]  

I wish I could say “Welcome home,” but I think I would need to be in ND to do that. Aw heck, welcome home!

12/23/06 @ 11:10
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