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All Hallows Eve

  11/03/06 22:25, by jsignal, Categories: life in a cube

Happy Halloween. Well, I'm a little bit late I suppose. You are probably thinking that, being in the seminary, Halloween would be a boring affair. You're wrong. On October 31st, each class at the seminary was invited to perform a skit on stage at the "All Hallows Eve" party. My class, consisting of six people, acted out a ridiculous Monty Python skit. Unfortunately, our performance was not video taped. John Cleese's performance in the original is probably better anyway. Click play below to watch the original. I'm the guy who gets killed by the 16-ton weight.

The fun didn't stop there, either. There were costumes as well. As seminarians, we have to keep it clean and non-satanic, obviously. My class dressed as obnoxious tourists and "crashed" the party. It doesn't sound that funny until you see it. Being the obnoxious photographer tourist (yeah, not much acting required there), I took a lot of pictures. People came dressed as X-Men, pirates, hunters, Vulans (from Star Trek). St. Thomas Aquinas was there. And the rector of the seminary dressed as a hippy. Oh, and I can't forget - there were Aztec human sacrifices. It's a long story. Click the image below to go to the photo gallery of the 2006 Kenrick-Glennon All Hallows Eve Gaud:

halloween tourists

One more quick note before I sign off for the night. I've upgraded the blog software on this site so that you can now comment on my blogs without creating an account. In the past that used to be possible, but spam in the comments forced me to turn that feature off. Now I think it is fixed. So comment away!


Comment from: Melanie [Visitor]  

Shoot!! Do you know how much I would have LOVED to have seen that footage on video tape?! At least I got to see the “tourist” picture. I couldn’t quite tell, but were you donning a fanny pack? Very touristy, indeed. Oh, next time we talk, remind me to tell you about our little Halloween party. Fun stuff! :)

11/04/06 @ 16:41
Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]  

He he!

I am very curious about the Aztec human sacrifices though!?! hmmmmm

11/05/06 @ 20:12
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