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Farewell Tour

  09/02/06 16:57, by jsignal, Categories: random ramble

As I prepared to leave North Dakota for my semester of study here at the seminary, I decided to take one last motorcycle ride. From the 14th through the 18th of August, I toured half the state on my motorcycle.


First I visited Melanie, Mark, and Shannea in Halliday. Jesse and Cheryl also met us there for the weekend.


While there, we toured Mark's ranch land and checked on his cattle. Number 10 is especially friendly. I'm sure she'll taste especially friendly, too. (Sorry, Melanie)


Then I continued on my way, riding the scenic and curvy road through the Killdeer Mountains.

Four Bears Bridge

I crossed the lake on the newly constructed Four Bears Bridge near New Town.

Grandma and Oreo

Next I rode northward toward Burlington, where I stopped for a while and visited Grandma, Oreo, and Kitty (Kitty didn't make the picture).


Finally, I rode home to Bottineau and visited my parents (and their cats... silly, but I never took a picture of the parents). After a brief stay at home, I took the bike back to Mandan and began the long drive to St. Louis.


Comment from: jessemcc [Member]  

Cool pictures, Jason!

09/03/06 @ 23:00
Comment from: mcschaper [Member]  

I love this! I’m particularly excited that our group picture turned out so well. And the picture of number 10 is just adorable. And NO, she will NOT taste especially friendly. I’m going to keep her forever and ever. They’ll have to butcher me first!!

09/04/06 @ 17:08
Comment from: Cat [Member]  

That’s a great farewell tour. :-) I wish I could have said farewell also. However, we were both terribly busy getting ready for new adventures.

Tell Melanie it’s never a good idea to name the cows. ;-)

09/09/06 @ 09:43
Comment from: jsignal [Member]  

Ha ha. “Number 10″ is still rather impersonal, but I must say Melanie has grown rather attached to number 10.

09/09/06 @ 10:16
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