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More pro-life than I thought

  01/13/07 20:11, by jsignal, Categories: life with god

Most of my class, including myself, went to the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois. We stood on the sidewalk to pray for the mothers, fathers, and aborted children. At this clinic they perform late-term abortions. As we stood there, several women left the clinic after having the "procedure" done.

After thinking about the issue of abortion over the last few years, even on a rational level outside of my religion, I made the decision that abortion is immoral -- and against natural law. But I never found myself emotionally invested in the debate until today. I'm not even sure why, but standing there and praying the rosary was incredibly powerful. Seeing women walk into and out of the clinic was very saddening. I could barely form the words of the prayers I was so choked up.

This emotion and enthusiasm was unexpected. I am most definitely "pro-life."

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Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]  

What a beautiful and powerful thing to share. Hopefully everyone will say an extra prayer for these mothers, fathers and children after reading this.

01/16/07 @ 08:24
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