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Oh, elect someone already!

  11/01/08 20:15, by jsignal, Categories: life with god

Just a couple more days until the election, in case you've been living under a rock. Please, don't become disillusioned by the candidates and the angry, opposing opinions. As I posted earlier, in this election it is clear. The issue is abortion. This election is very likely a crucial point that will decide for the next generation of Americans (not just the next 4 or 8 years) if abortion on demand will continue to be legally protected and encouraged in this country. The next president will very likely appoint one more more supreme court justices -- either judges that strongly desire to protect the legal right to abortion, or those who oppose it. Don't take this issue lightly. It far outweighs war, the economy, or anything else going on. Educate yourself about this issue.

The above video is from justonejudge.com, a site trying to gather pledges to vote for life, just to show how life has support in America. I'm not sure if their pledge efforts will do much, but they have a few interesting videos on their site.

God, have mercy on us for the tens of millions of murdered children in this country. Mary, "Our Lady of Victory," pray for us!

Now, get out and vote and let's move on with whatever happens next.

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Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]  

Well, we elected someone. And now we move on… and pray unceasingly!

11/08/08 @ 11:25
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