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Roman Missal, 3rd Edition

  10/23/11 19:07, by jsignal, Categories: life with god

Why does the priest say "The Lord be with you" at the beginning of Mass? Why have we been responding "And also with you," and why will we soon, instead, say "And with your spirit?" It's important to know why we say what we say during our worship, and to know why we do what we do.

The English words we Catholics use to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be changing on November 27th. This is because a new edition of the Roman Missal, the primary liturgical book used in the Mass, has been translated and is now available. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about the Mass.

To help the parishioners here at Saint Anne's and elsewhere I've been teaching a little bit about the new texts. You can now watch my presentation online. You can watch it by clicking either here or on the image above.

If you have other questions, just let me know.

God Bless,
Fr. Jason

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