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Seeing St. Louis

  09/04/06 19:19, by jsignal, Categories: life on two wheels

Wow, I have been a busy blogger lately. Having just settled into the routine of course work, It was time for a long weekend. With a little planning, I decided to ride bike out into the city and see if I could get lost. There are a lot of bicyclists in St. Louis. Generally, the city seems very bike friendly. There is an abundance of bike lanes and traffic seems accepting of cyclists on the roadways.

Here are a few snapshots from my bicycle ride.


St. Louis is proud of two things: Baseball and Beer. While riding by this Budweiser plant, I could certainly smell the beer. A ways down the road, I encountered hundreds of Cardinals fans on their way to a game.


St. Louis's Mississippi riverfront is crammed with industrial sites.


This is a photo of a few buildings downtown, near the stadium and the "arch."

Arch... yawn.

Yawn... another "arch" picture. This is where I turned around and rode bike back to the seminary. Altogether, I rode about 30 miles.

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Comment from: Cat [Member]  

Great pictorial tour. I hope you will be posting a 12 on 12 this month. It would be interesting to see pictures of your new life. And yes, I will be posting a 12 on 12 from Ukraine.

09/09/06 @ 09:45
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