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Travel Log: Southern Tier Section 7

  11/27/16 04:55, by jsignal, Categories: life on two wheels

Now that it gets dark at 5 o'clock and it's colder outside, I found myself working on old travel logs from bike trips. It took me nearly three years to get these ones typed up, edited, and uploaded (it hasn't been a high priority, I guess). But now you can read about and watch the trip Jesse and I took from Valpariso, FL, to Sanford, FL, back in 2012-2013! This is the 7th section of Adventure Cycling's "Southern Tier" route.

This also means that on this web site, if you were so inclined, you could read about every single day of our trip from San Diego, CA, to St. Augustine Beach, FL. To do that, you could visit "so tier 1" through "so tier 7" under the "cycling" menu above.

To check out these latest entries click the image above or select "so tier 7" from the "cycling" menu above.

It's nice to have these online so I can relive the ride. It just takes me so long to get them put together. I still have the travel logs for our Atlantic Coast rides, sections 1 and 7, waiting to get edited,e tc. Maybe some year I'll get to it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the travel logs.

-Fr. Jason

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