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Well, here we go again.

  09/03/08 21:15, by jsignal, Categories: life in a cube

Classes are in full swing here at Kenrick Seminary. I'm busy studying Latin, sin, grace, the Second Vatican Council, moral theology, and the writings of Saint Paul. Things are off to a good start.

Naturally, now that I have settled into my routine once again, it's time to think about the next vacation, right? My buddy Jesse has convinced me that Christmas Break would be a great time to traverse the third section of the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route, from El Paso, TX, to Del Rio, TX. Over the last few years the two of us rode (in two separate trips) from San Diego, CA, to El Paso, TX. Eventually, we'll get to Florida. It will take a while, since we're doing it in 10-day chunks when we have vacation time, but we'll get there.

This trip will probably be the most desolate of all the trips I've taken before. There's not much out there in Texas! But with our trusty maps and some planning, we'll make it just fine.



Comment from: Jayme [Visitor]  

I’m jealous. I went on my first ride this morning since LAST September. Life as a drill instructor doesn’t afford much off time. My legs are jello, my butt hurts, and my lungs burn. It’s hard to imagine touring again, although I’ve got the itch and not the time. Good luck!

09/04/08 @ 09:06
Comment from: Melanie [Visitor]  

Hey, looks like I’ll get to add to my “Jesse/Jason biking trips” postcard collection!

09/09/08 @ 17:37
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