Valpariso, FL, to Sanford, FL


Having finished the first six sections of the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route, my friend Jesse and I, Fr. Jason Signalness, had ridden from San Diego, CA, to Niceville, FL. This winter (2012-2013), the two of us flew south to tackle the 7th and final section of the route, completing our ride across the continent. This section took us 566 miles across Florida from Valparaiso/Niceville to St. Augustine Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, and on to Sanford.

On this site, I have posted my detailed travel log, numerous photos, and a few videos from along the route. I hope you enjoy reading about our seventh adventure in the South.

As always, I appreciate comments or questions. E-mail me at

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Day 0: Getting to ... Atlanta?
Day 1: Valpariaso to DeFuniak Springs, FL
Day 2: DeFuniak Springs to Chattahoochee, FL
Day 3: Chattahoochee to Lloyd, FL
Day 4: Lloyd to White Springs, FL
Day 5: White Springs to Gainesville, FL
Day 6: Gainesville to Palatka, FL
Day 7: Palatka to St. Augustine Beach, FL
Day 8: St. Augustine Beach to Port Orange, FL
Day 9: Port Orange to Sanford, FL

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